Impact & Testimonials

Fish Co Staff

Members of Fish Council have become:

  • Student Body President
  • Class Officers
  • Class Gift Chairs
  • Yell Leaders
  • Class Agents
  • Maroon Coats
  • Student Senators
  • Buck Weirus Award winners
  • Fish Camp Co-chairs
  • Muster Hosts
  • Class Stars Award Winners
  • Executives of student organizations all over campus



"When I joined Fish Council, I instantly found my new family. The people you meet are accepting and they will become your best friends. Fish Council was a way for me to create new friendships and give back to the University. It truly impacted my life because it enabled me to be the Aggie I always wanted to be; one who cherishes and spreads Texas A&M tradition." - Peter Smith '19


"Through FishCo I met some of my best friends at Texas A&M who love me for who I am and live life with me daily. FishCo was the perfect outlet to get involved at Texas A&M in a deep, impactful way and to make a noticeable difference in the school and through upholding this school's important traditions. FishCo made my first year at A&M a blast and a half!!" - Audrey Martin '19


"Becoming a member of such an influential organization was something that I could not possibly imagine going into my first year at Texas A&M. We are responsible for organizing Maroon Out, Fish Fest, Pull Out Day, and many more. All events that are so important to the University as a whole. I have met so many amazing people through these events that today I call friends. You truly meet your closest friends in college. I can honestly say that joining Fish Council was the best decision of my Freshman year! Good luck to the Class of 2020!" - Chad Smith '19