Jr. E-Walk

2017 Head Director: Katherine Hines

The Class of 2019 will be able to celebrate two successful years on campus, while looking forward to a bright future as upperclassmen. 
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History of Junior E-Walk: 

Junior E-Walk is a young tradition. It officially began in 1992 as a way to keep the Juniors away from the Seniors during their Elephant Walk. E-Walk has evolved to be a celebration for the Junior Class as they move up to leading the Twelfth Man.

In 1978, the Junior Class began lying in wait for the Senior Class. Their mission was to help the Senior Class "die faster" by squirting water guns at them. The water guns grew into messier weapons and became out of control. The mess and violent nature of this "groding" led the Class of 1988 seniors to plea with the Junior Class to allow Elephant Walk to go back to its original solemn nature. The Junior Class did have some low-key activities planned to help keep the juniors away from the seniors, but few attended in order to continue their antics.

In 1992, the campus administrators had enough of the destruction of campus property and increasing injury rates and told the Classes that Elephant Walk would go back to its original intent or would be ended. In response to the administration's notice, a formal "Keep it Clean" campaign began. This campaign went on for several years and included "old Ag" letters in 1994 to encourage students to respect the original tradition. One of those letters was from a member of the class that started it all, the Class of 1926. The campaign had its intended effect and pleas to "Keep it Clean" were no longer needed by the Class of 1998's Elephant Walk.

Activities for the Junior Class increased throughout the "Keep it Clean" campaign years from their original start in 1987 and slowly the "Junior E-Walk" event became more prominent. By the time the groding had ceased and the Senior Elephant Walk was re-established as a solemn tradition, the Juniors were busy celebrating their rise to campus leadership.