Ring Dance


We hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming 78th annual Ring Dance!

Ring dance is an opportunity for the Class of 2013 to come together one last time to reflect on the years spent together, our personal growth, the friendships that we cherish, and the achievements we have made since we first stepped foot on campus.

This year's theme, location, and ticket sale information will be announced soon. Please visit http://ringdance.tamu.edu for more information.

Thanks and Gig 'Em!



Ring Dance began on May 15, 1936 and was conceived by a group of seniors who decided that since the Aggie ring is the traditional mark of one whose days on the campus are soon to be over, a dance with the ring as the predominant theme would be appropriate as a final function of the Senior Class. The first Ring Dance had no admission charge and was preceded by the Senior Banquet. It took place with an orchestra in the mess hall and had one plaster of paris Ring replica for the official portraits. Ring Dance occurred from 8pm to 12pm because there was a rule on campus that there couldn't be any dances on Sunday.

In 1941, Ring Dance had two giant Rings for pictures and the traditional "Ring Ceremony". Cadets would tell their dates they had to go through both rings for the "double ring ceremony" but it was really to get another kiss.

1943 and 1945 were the only years to see two separate class Ring Dances. Because of the wars, the school cycle went to a 12-month "express" cycle. One Ring Dance was held in January for one graduating class; the other in May for the next group of graduates.

In 1949, two Ring Dances were also held; one Friday night and one on Saturday night. But rather than being because of the war and "express" graduates, this was due to the number of participants: over 2400 people attended. In order to help get everyone through the rings in an organized manner, the Senior class issued cards saying what night each couple was to go to.

Ring Dance was one room of entertainment, an orchestra, until 1978. At that time, another entertainment option was made available: a rock band. The entertainment increased to three rooms in 1989, four rooms in 1993, seven rooms in 1997, and eight rooms in 1998. The variety of entertainment over the years has ranged from orchestra to Tejano to country to piano bar.

Since its creation in 1936, Ring Dance has come to be as much a part of Aggieland as the many older traditions that have existed as long as the school itself. This dance will be for many the last social function of their years at Aggieland.

As each Senior steps into the replica of the Aggie Ring, they can turn their ring so that the class year no longer faces them-it faces the world. Seniors are able to reflect over the past years spent in Aggieland and anticipate the future. As each person steps away from the ring, another two step in, continuing the tradition that will go on as long as there is an Aggieland.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the dance cost so much money?

  • Ring Dance is our largest class fundraiser. For the past four years, the Class of 2011 council has been raising money to donate to Texas A&M in the form of a class gift. All proceeds made from this year’s Ring Dance will go towards that gift. We have listened to students' concerns about ticket costs and are doing all we can to address the issue and ensure that your time at Ring Dance will be memorable!

What are we supposed to wear?

  • Ring Dance is a formal event. Most women dress in formal dresses and men in suits or tuxedos.

Are the pictures included in the price?

  • Photos are not included in the ticket price. Please see the photography page for a list of photo packages and the name of the chosen photographer. NOTE: In order to maximize your fun, we encourage you to come to The Hilton during the day to take your pictures because the line at the event can become very long. Times of early picture arrival are TBA and will be announced on the website.

Will alcohol be served at the dance?

  • Texas A&M is not sponsoring the possession or consumption of alcohol at university sponsored events. However, there is a bar at The Hilton where you can buy alcoholic beverages. Please note, any alcoholic beverage must be diposed of before entering the themed rooms. There will be trash cans and volunteers available to dispose of your drink at that time. Please drink responsibly.

Will we be getting a gift at the end of the night?

  • Gifts are included in the ticket price.  Only one gift per attendee.  Gifts will be given on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last.
  • There will also be an opportunity to gamble with play money in the casino. You will turn your chips in for tickets to be put into a raffle at the end of the night. In past years we have had Benjamin Knox prints, diamonds for your Aggie Ring from David Gardners, etc.

Should we eat dinner before we come?

  • Appetizers, cake, and punch will be served throughout the dance in each room, however, many participants choose to go out to dinner with friends before the dance.

What do you do at Ring Dance?

  • Ring Dance is a time to come together as a class and celebrate our time together at A&M. Each room features different entertainment, including karaoke, live music and a casino. A variety of cakes, appetizers and finger foods are served in each room as well. At the end of the night, we will raffle off items, have a Fightin' Texas Aggie Yell Practice and end with our class singing "Spirit of Aggieland" one last time.

I'm class of '13, but I'm graduating in December '12. Can I come to this year's?

  • As an member of the class of 2012, you are welcome to this year's Ring Dance, but you are also welcome at your own classes Ring Dance in 2013. We'd be happy to celebrate with you.

I'm from a previous class, but I missed my Ring Dance. Can I come to this years?

  • As Old Army, you are welcome to this year's Ring Dance. We're sorry that you missed your ring dance, but we'd be happy to celebrate with you.

Who can I contact if I have any other questions?

  • Ring Dance Director - Tony Rosati '14
  • Ring Dance Assistant Director - Jessica Davis '12 and Kayleigh Wiggins '14
  • Class Center 125 John J. Koldus Building 1236 TAMU College Station, TX 77844 979-845-3434